Most We hear these a lot.

Depending on the size and flavor, prices range between 14-31 cents per soon. If your store sells by ounce, the weight of the spoon typically generates more money than the spoon costs. If your store sells by unit, current stores have found success with a price point of 25-50 cents.

The starting ingredients are wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and barley. Depending on the flavor a few others are added (Cocoa, salt, mint, pepper).

Spoons have a 1 year storage life at room temperature.

Currently we offer Chocolate, Plain, Pepper, carom, Indian Masala and Spinach. Vanilla will be available by the end of 2019.

You can order as little as 1 box. However we recommend larger orders to reduce the shipping cost per spoon. Orders of 50 boxes receive free shipping.

No, although all the ingredients are natural, it does contain wheat. We understand the demand for gluten-free products is high and are currently working on a recipe.
Typically it takes about 2 weeks for an order to arrive at your doorstep.
We use a minimal amount of natural flavors to ensure that the original taste of your treat is preserved.
25 individually wrapped spoons go in a sleeve and 4 sleeves in a box – making it 100 spoons per box. Alternatively the spoons can be packed in individual paper sleeves at no additional cost.
All orders contain an 10% extra spoons to account for breakage. If you find breakage more than 10%, let us know and we will happily replace them.

As of November 2019, our spoons can be found in stores in California, New York, Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Canada.