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Trees planted to offset the shipping emissions.


Less spoons floating around the ocean.

Saving the planet needs heroes like you

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight). You can help preserve nature by switching from plastic and eating your spoon. Our neighbors in the ocean deserve it. Make your next picnic or party as incrEDIBLE as you are!

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About incrEdible

Reinvent the way we eat the food by replacing ALL plastic utensils with our incrEDIBLE options.

88% of the consumers want brands to help them make a difference and we are born out of the customer’s and planet’s need!

Meet our planeteers

Dinesh Tadepalli

Chief Decision Maker/ Co-founder

Nature loving entrepreneur, angel investor and a hardware engineer. Love adventure, hiking and making this world a better place

Favorite Spoon: Vanilla spoon with butter pecan ice cream

Good to Know: Dinesh cleans the take out boxes so they can be recycled properly

Jack Kneubuhl

Chief Spoon Seller

Spooning since March 2019. Geeks out on aerospace, renewable energy, upcoming technologies, and beautifully crafted spreadsheets

Favorite Spoon: Vanilla with a side of lots of Tequila

Good to Know: Singing Disney songs in the shower

Kruvil Patel

Chief Spoon Maker

Risk taker, fun loving, adventurous, Mechanical engineer and a fine artist who wants to make world plastic free

Favorite Spoon: Oregano Chili with Alfredo Pasta

Good to Know: Uses plastic free products only to contribute towards reducing plastic waste

Sudhesna Vuppala


Bella Natale

Sustainability Marketing Manager

Nature lover, adventurous, minimalist, and always willing to try something new. Passionate about mitigating the impact of climate change and making people aware of how they can reduce their footprint.

Favorite spoon: Chocolate spoon in peanut butter chocolate banana “nice” cream

Good to know: Haven’t used a single use plastic water bottle or plastic bag in over 2 years!