2021 How I Built This Podcast

38 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2021

Our founder got listed in the 8th edition of the Social Entrepreneurs to watch for list.

Meet Dinesh Tadepalli

Sweet edible spoons with ice cream


Eliminating Plastic Pollution at Retail


incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons: Crunchy Eco-Friendly Alternative to Compostable Cutlery

With the sad prediction of more plastic than fishes existing in the ocean by 2050, the incrEDIBLE Edible Spoon is a much anticipated, eco-friendly, and tasty alternative to plastic disposable spoons that we can use to protect the environment.


World Plant-Based Awards 2020 winners

The World Plant-Based Awards, in association with Plant Based World Conference & Expo, are a celebration of innovation and excellence across every category of the global plant-based industry.


I Tried IncrEdible Spoons and....

The IncrEdible spoon recently became available on Amazon, and 30 small spoons or 20 large spoons each cost $14.50.

Edible Spoons To Tackle Plastic Pollution

IncrEdible has planted 3,000 trees so far to offset the emissions it has created - and has saved 400,000 plastic spoons from landfill

Producer Profile: Dinesh Tadepalli, Planeteer

Dinesh Tadepalli is on a quest to save the planet from plastics, one edible spoon at a time.

Edible Spoon Wins Front Burner Competition

"Now you can have your cake and eat the spoon, too.

Sweet edible spoons with ice cream

IncrEDIBLE Spoons are back, and better than ever.

IncrEDIBLE Spoons are taking the step in the right direction to reduce this waste, and it truly is the only zero footprint option.

Edible Spoons @ Down to Earth

Down to Earth introduces edible utensils ahead of plastic ban.

Elevator Talk- Presented by Nosh

Our Founder partner speaks about the edible spoons and the impact they can create on the planet.

Best In Show Winner

Recap of the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo, Coffee Fest and Healthy Food Expo.