Vanilla Flavored- Large Edible Spoons [12 Pack]

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  • Truly Sustainable: Plastic cutlery takes 1000 years to decompose - compostable products take equally as long if thrown in the trash. This makes Edible Spoons the most ECO-Friendly option for your special occasion.
  • Durable: Each Spoon comes individually wrapped in a recyclable paper sleeve and will hold its structure for 30 minutes in an ice cream or a hot soup.
  • Lightly Flavored: Made with a base of wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and barley with a minimal amount of sweetness to preserve the taste of your treat.
  • Earth-Saving: 100 million plastic utensils are used every day. As the first company to mass-produce edible cutlery, you can help us grow to put an end to this crisis. Saving the planet never tasted this good!
  • Includes 1 box with 20 single-serve 10gm edible spoons. Individually wrapped for freshness and great taste. Fresh for 1 year past date on wrapper.